Sunday 29 November 2009

A Few Opening Thoughts

As I write this Peter Sauber has just bought back his old team from BMW and they are reported to become one of thirteen teams on the grid for next year. I wonder just how many of those teams will make it to the starting line next year.

As Jenson Button prepares to collect his silverware at the F1 end of term bash we are all looking forward to the so called dream team of Hamilton and Button going head to head in identical cars. Seldom do we get the opportunity to see a real driver vs driver competition and I have no doubt that McLaren will let them free to express themselves.

Masa looks ready to return behind the wheel in 2010. Modern racing may be a lot safer than in the days of Hawthorn and Moss, but it seems there is still little to protect drivers from stray objects large and small from entering the cockpit area. Bits of carbon are light and often get deflected high in the air by cars, but small metal objects and wheels continue to be a cause for concern despite the improved safety measures of recent years.