Monday 21 February 2011

latest: Bahrain GP could be run in the Summer?

The cancellation of the first race in Bahrain means that the 2011 season will now kick off in Australia on 27 March 2011. Bernie Ecclestone is quoted as saying that a decision on whether to return to Bahrain during 2011 will be made before the start of the season. It seems hard to imagine that there will be enough information available this month to base a decision to return. It therefore looks more likely that there will be no Bahrain GP later in the year.

Sunday 20 February 2011

Season Preview: Bahrain GP in doubt

Millions of F1 fans hold their breath as politics spills out into the world of sport. It is not the internal politics of F1 which are making the headlines this week, but the horrors of violence on the streets of the Middle East as the authorities crack down on pro-democracy protests. The F1 season is due to kick of on 11 March in Bahrain but there is some doubt as to the safety of teams and spectators as hundreds of armoured vehicles fill the streets of the gulf state.

Bernie Ecclestone will make a statement on Wednesday 23 March after consulting with local organisers and representatives of the Crown Prince. Bernie is quoted today (20 Feb 2011) as saying that he won’t advise anyone to go if it is not safe. And it is difficult to see how the event could go ahead unless there was a dramatic change in the situation, particularly as pre-season testing is due to start at the Bahrain circuit on 3 March.
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Season Preview: Team Launches

The 2011 season has kicked off as usual with team launching their cars. Gone are the lavish no expense spared launches of the past and in with the multimedia web launches. They are much cheaper for the teams and more accessible as fans log into the action live or catch up later on team websites.
Here are the details of some of the top teams’ 2011 launches.
Red Bull

Welcome to the 2011 F1 Season

The 2010 season is long forgotten and the teams are ready to go into battle. Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look at the teams and drivers and previewing the first race in Baharain.