Monday 25 November 2013

Webber Gone But Not Forgotten

As records were set by one side if the Garage, the other bid farewell to Mark Webber. The ever popular Austrailian driver was given a traditional Auzzie send off as he left the garage to take his place on the F1 grid for the last time. Unlike his previous teammate Coulhard, he was able to finish in second place securing third place in the Drivers Championship. It would have been nice if Vettel could have assisted a win, but that was never going to happen as Vettel himself was chasing records. Michael Shumacher's record of the most wins in a season was beaten and Alberto Ascari's record of nine wins in a row was equalled. This is one of F1s longest standing records and will be beaten if Vettel wins first time out in 2014.

Speaking at the weekend Webber said:

"I've done what I can, done my best but there comes a point when it's not what it once was,"
"I will leave very satisfied. I've been dealt a very good hand, (I'm) very proud of what I've achieved."

Mark Webber left his mark on the sport and you too can share in his celebration. log onto his website to get hold of a #mademymark T Shirt and to follow him as he starts a new chapter of his racing career. We wish him well.

Check back in in January 2014 for details of the rule changes and news of the 2014 Season

Thursday 27 June 2013

Weber to Leave F1 at the End of the 2013 Season


Mark Webber has announced that he will leave Formula 1 at the end of the season to join Porsche's new LMP1 sportscar programme. Full story at BBC Sport

There has been speculation about friction in the team but unsurprisingly Mark denies there is any link to his move out of F1. See further story at BBC Sport . It will be a sad day when Webber. We will all remember him winning his first points for the Minardi team in 2002.