Sunday 17 March 2013

Lotus Win in Australia

We are back for to give you all the latest news and information for every F1 race in 2013. As usual we will be concentrating on the technical and strategy stories.

The first race weekend of 2013 saw drama as the qualification period had to be stopped due to heavy rain on Saturday. The final qualifying sessions were held on race morning which could have helped the teams to get more of a feel for the track as there would be less time between Quali and the race.

The final qualifying session was in drying conditions and Mclaren took a gamble on slicks which did not way off relegating them down the grid. Red Bull’s Vettel got the timing right followed by Team-mate Webber and Hamilton in a creditable 4th in his first outing with Mercedes. Hamilton was followed by Massa out qualifying Alonso 6th was Rosberg and 7th Raikkonen.

By the time the race was started it was damp but ran full distance as a dry race. Force India made the most of their qualifying position to start on fresh rubber and went for a two stop strategy which saw Sutil leading after the first set of stops. Mclaren’s race was over in qualifying with their tyres failing early on. Ferrari came out fighting and seemed to be the ones to watch as red bull seemed to be struggling. But from what seemed nowhere Kimi Raikkonen having driven a calm and calculated race won the race with Alonso second with Vettel.

This race was all about the new tyres for 2013 which were designed with a differing level of degradation for this year. Lotus and Ferrari did seem to get more out of the tyres than Red Bull. Vettel looked frustrated on the podium as his qualifying pace was not matched in the race. Three World Champions on the podium and one more (Hamilton) in fifth looking as if the move to Mercedes was not such a bad idea after all as Mclaren’s Button and Perez finished ninth and eleventh.

With just a week to go until the next race there will be a full technical round up before we head off to the Malaysian GP on 14 March.

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